✧ Woven in Twilight ✧

2018-06-13 15.55.28.jpg

do you remember
your purpose, dear one? 
or do you remember your plight? 
where you focus your attention
seeds of thought grow,
either in shadow
or in light. 
do you listen
to my words, dear one? 
or do you hold your fists too tight? 
your heart is made of golden thread
and woven with twilight.
so do not fear
what is to come
for that is never known, 
what matters most
is your intention
and the dreams for which
you are willing to fight.
the night knowns of darkness
but it also knows of hope, 
the stars that shine above you
are the stories your ancestor wrote.
may they guide you on your journey,
may they guide you throughout your life,
you are destined, you are becoming
a woman,
and full of