Peer In ; Pardon

Pardon my heavy heart
but it weeps for the souls of many, 
the ones untouched
the ones forgotten
the ones that have forgotten

Pardon my tears
but they will bring healing
because the tears I shed are the ones
that too many are afraid to spill
out of fear of
the floodgates
never stopping. 

Pardon my smile
but it will be a welcoming
into the comfort
of my flaming heart.
Know that my heart
is really your own heart
and the one heart
of all that is everlasting. 

There’s room here, 
in this chest chamber of mine, 
it’s endless and unknown
but if you can’t see yourself
in the chaos of this world or
in the chaos of your life
then look to me
and I will hold up
the mirror
of your soul
for you to see.  

Peer in, 
are you curious to see
what you look like?  

The expansiveness you seek,
the freedom you want

Are you waiting for an invitation?
And if so, from whom? 
The sun invites the world daily
to rise. 

Your invitation waits
in the eyes
reflecting back at you, 
in the beating of your heart, 
in the blueness of the sky. 

just maybe
someday you’ll wipe away
the dust.

Maybe someday you’ll look up
and around and within to want
to really know you.
Because the way that you are
without the world here to
show you
is by far
the most beautiful
thing to be.