just try to tame me

just try to tame me poem sonia primerano

i dare you:
try to tame me
try to tame this wild, burning flesh
try to extinguish me
try to chain me down
try to capture me
wrong me

touch me
and you will burn
chain me
and i will fight until i break your bind
capture me
and i will find a way
to be free

because freedom is who i am
it is what my skin yearns for
the taste of fire
the smell of wild
the rapture of pleasure  

you can try all you want
but i will never be domesticated
i will never be small
and yes, 
oh yes, 
you may even fear me
fear the fearlessness within me
the forces that i can conjure
in my bones
the magnitude of magic
boiling in the cauldron
of my soul

just try to stop me
just try
and you’ll experience the wrath
of a thousand and one volcanoes

i dare you. 

Sonia PrimeranoComment