you are my home ::: a video


Nearly 3 years ago, I met the love of my life amidst a solo journey I had planned for myself in Costa Rica. Not looking for love and yet there he was, right before my eyes. Our hearts collided instantly, and in a moment, we were in love, knowing we were destined to be together. From Costa Rica we ventured to Guatemala, then back and forth for 2 years I went from Montreal to Seattle. Now, as I write these very words, I am finally in my beloved's arms in Seattle, visa in hand and ready to marry him within the next month. There are no words that can even begin to describe this feeling of pure love we have for each other. It is immeasurable. I sit here so profoundly grateful for him, for Andrew, the love of my life and soon to be husband. It is such a blessing to be your wife. I love you.


you are my home,
Interlaced between your fingers
I find refuge
Held by your loving embrace
and your eyes that glimmer
with adoration.
Your love
is like a sweetness
that falls upon my lips every morning
as we wake with the dawn of day,
skin to skin
we are woven
through time and space
and the preciousness of each and every moment
like an eternity
that rests upon our hearts
ever so delicately
ever so softly
beating as one.
With you,
I rise.
With you,
I am free.