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a call to de-stigmatize self limiting beliefs

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Yesterday was a really cool day. I was asked to participate in a hashtag "challenge" called #thetruthrebellion. In my post on Instagram, I declared I would relinquish SHAME and choose to be EMPOWERED after such long and arduous struggles with shame. The sentiments I feel towards shame and empowerment are too complex to express in a single post on Instagram, so I've decided to extend the thought and bring it here to my blog. 

SHAME. False from the get-go and takes on so many forms throughout our lives. I can remember moments in my childhood where Shame came rolling in like a silent thunder in my mind. Was what I was saying being ignored because it isn't appropriate? Oh... then I better not say anything at all to not embarrass myself again. Was my silly, giggly, wild self too much? Oh... then I should tone it down and be a good girl to not embarrass my family or myself again. Was my class project on the country I wish I could to go (Mongolia) too quirky and weird for the other students to understand? Oh... then I better be what they think is cool to be more accepted at school. I was also a pretty prodigious piano player, but always felt too embarrassed to perform or play in front of anyone but myself, out of fear of making mistakes that people will hear and think "she isn't that great after all - she made all of these mistakes!". 

Little by little, shame builds around our hearts from the time we are wee toddlers. Around that time, we begin to understand social dynamics from a distance, how people view us when we're "good" or "bad", and what is socially acceptable. Have you ever noticed that the same insecurities you have are the ones your mother or father have? That's because we ALSO take on our parents' shame. It's a lot, I know. 


So, what can we do to relinquish this shame and create wholesome, nourishing patterns of positive self-talk instead? 


Call it out. Feel it out. 💟

In the process of our own unravelling, we must learn to discern what's what. Question the origins of your shame. Where does it come from? What triggers it? What do you feel ashamed of? Look at it plainly, without attachment. Are you willing to face it and learn about those parts of yourself? 

In my own self love journey, I've come up close and personal with all of the self-limiting aspects of myself. The parts that believe I'm only as good as what my Shame says. The parts that want me to fit in to the status quo boxed way of living instead of be wild, free and stand out for my talents and gifts. 

Here's the thing. It isn't an overnight deal. It's a lifelong process of peeling off layers and layers of stuff we have carried since childhood IF we are willing to love and see ourselves through it. 


Remember that you always have a choice. 


The most important thing to remember is that we have a choice. We can choose to live blanketed by our ancient shame or strive to be the realized, conscious and empowered, true version of who we really are. 🖤 Again, that doesn't mean that we will wake up one morning and not experience shame. It is part of our human experience here on this planet. It is our job, however, to be aware that it exists, and work on de-stigmatizing talking about it! Sharing is healing. Speaking our truths is vital to healing trauma and building a new relationships with ourself. 

I choose to be real and unabashedly honest with myself, and that means looking at my Self, my self sabotaging behaviours, and self limiting beliefs and saying NO. THESE BELIEFS ARE NOT WHO I REALLY AM & I WILL NOT LET THEM DICTATE OF CONTROL MY LIFE. 

In order for us to change our thoughts, we must revolutionize the way we think. 🔥 
Be exactly who we are ~ our wild and genuine selves. Fearless truth-speakers. Sensually and sexually healed. Lovers of our skin. 


shame is a lie. shame is a sham. shame is the age-old method of suppressing the truths to comply with society's agenda. 

Let us rise up in rebellion to the old ways of shame. Rebel against the lies we tell ourselves - that we are not good enough, beautiful enough, smart or savvy enough to do what it is we are meant to do on this planet. 

Power is found within us all. It cannot be dictated or damned by anyone or anything outside of ourselves. We are living in potent times of upheaval and transformation. Let us call upon the mighty and fierce forces within us for the good of all. For the expansion of our soul. For the realization of Self. Succumbing to the tempting words of Shame and Embarrassment aren't an option anymore. 


Let us say this aloud in prayer, in exaltation, in enthusiam for the fierce and flowering beings that we are! 

i hereby declare my power to summon my truth fearlessly, lovingly & greatly. i am ready! 🔥

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