In Retrospect: 2017

Years come and go, faster and faster it seems. This year, I am spending my time in South Florida at the turn of the new 2018 year. And like with every end, comes reflection. I feel like it's so easy to forget everything I've done, accomplished and experienced in a year, so I'm going to use this opportunity for just that: review what happened in 2017.

I Will Show Up Anyway

October 6, 2017 - All my life I have always wanted to really be seen. I yearned for my music, my art, my drawings, my words to be felt. And to somehow know that what I have created affected someone - that they, too, understood what it meant.

Lolë Women

Lolë is a women's apparel company, but it is so much more. They are supporting and empowering women to be their greatest selves. I had the amazing opportunity to photograph 3 ambassadors for the White Tour around Montreal.