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i am a storyteller


Even in my faintest and earliest memories, I remember having a deep interest in stories. I remember listening curiously to the stories my late-grandfather would tell me every summer when my family and I would visit my grandparent's Calabrian countryside home. I will never forget the way he recounted moments of his life growing up as a shepherd, how he would feed the animals on the family farm, and some of the fond memories he had of being by the sea as a child. It was as though he were reciting them from an old leather-bound book, worn and faded with time. They made me feel something, like reminiscing about a past I never lived. Something about those moments rekindled what felt like an old knowing-flame within me: we are all born storytellers.

I started my career path as a freelance photographer back in 2011 working as part of a production company on short film, feature film and music video sets. From there it all slowly transformed into what I do today: lifestyle, portraits, food, travel, weddings, and creative content creation photography + working as a freelance copywriter & copyeditor. I never thought it possible, yet here I am today, amazed and grateful for every single experience and every single step. 

As this journey continues to bloom, it awakens inside of me a remembering of who I am; the whys and reasons of my creative gifts. As I grow, so does my art. It deepens my self-reflection, integrity, softness, and vulnerability. It teaches me of humility and humour, strength and fortitude, surrender and passion, commitment and freedom, birth and death. Most of all, it teaches me to live in accordance with my heart. No matter where it guides me I know that I am where I need to be.

Sonia Primerano
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Sonia Primerano

I tell my story through the creative pathways of my soul: photography, poetry, writing and walking this sacred, beautiful path that is my life. I tell my story because it isn't just personal: it's universal. By sharing my story and the way I see the world around me, my intention is to express truth + authenticity, to capture what is unseen, to create form from the formless. 

I have always felt the poetry in a photograph and seen the kaleidoscope colours cascading from words. I have always had the ability to hear the music of someone's soul, to see beyond sight, to touch what is beyond physicality. I have always been this way and I have realized that the only way I can live a full and happy life is by way of my curious, deep and sensitive heart. There is no other way.

And I am here to share it all with you. 

With love and infinite gratitude,