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Sonia Primerano

i am a storyteller


Even in my faintest and earliest memories, I remember having a deep interest in stories. I remember listening curiously to the stories my late-grandfather would tell me every summer when my family and I would visit my grandparent's Calabrian countryside home. I will never forget the way he recounted moments of his life growing up as a shepherd, how he would feed the animals on the family farm, and some of the fond memories he had of being by the sea as a child. It was as though he were reciting them from an old leather-bound book, worn and faded with time. They made me feel something, like reminiscing about a past I never lived. Something about those moments rekindled what felt like an old knowing-flame within me: we are all born storytellers.

I started my career path as a freelance and self-taught photographer back in 2011 working as part of a production company on short film, feature film and music video sets in Montreal. From there it all slowly transformed into what I do today: lifestyle, portraits, food, travel, weddings, and creative content creation photography + working as a freelance copywriter & copyeditor. I never thought it possible, yet here I am today, amazed and grateful for every single experience and every single step. 

My life is my art - the way it transforms with every breath is the inspiration for all of my work. Photography is my passion, my sanctuary, my meditation. I'm an explorer chasing every adventure into the wild unknowns of this world. This is the pathway in which all of my experiences come together, woven into the tapestry of my creative expression.

Nothing thrills me more than to be here, meet you, and to share your vision and story.

Sonia Primerano
Sonia Primerano Guatemala travel
Sonia Primerano

I would describe my style as emotive, soul-full and organic storytelling, the art of crystallizing moments and immortalizing memories. Above all, I am here for you and to tell your story in its beautiful unfolding. I see every image as a poem; timeless and magical; a portal into the truth and beauty of a moment. My style is laid-back, natural, adventurous, and gentle - just like me.

If a natural, laid-back aesthetic calls to you, then I look so forward to connecting with you! 


With love and infinite gratitude,